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Event Sign Ups Open: Warwick Drive in Campout, ORPC Work Day

Posted on May 12 2024 - 5:03am

1 June 0900-1200: Please support this service day for our Chartering Organization.  Expect to support grounds work around the church such as raking and mulch spreading.   Mr. McMahon is Adult lead.

2024 Rechartering now open; payment due.

Posted on Nov 15 2023 - 8:14pm
It’s time to recharter our troop for 2024.
Key Facts:
1. Price for youth scouts is $130 each for the 2024 scout year.   Note: We actually pay council $155 per scout.  The troop is subsidizing each scout $25 this year.  It is critical that scouts participate in our next tree collection fundraising event on 6 and 7 January 2024 to raise the money we need for this subsidy and annual expenses.

Last Call for Elections 26 October!

Posted on Oct 21 2023 - 8:53pm

Last call for elections will be next Thursday Oct 26. Please remember you must notify the Scoutmaster by Oct 26 to be on the ballot. Reminder, scouts that are working towards Star, Life or Eagle need a leadership position in the troop as a rank requirement.

Ramapo Valley District Awards

Posted on Jun 1 2023 - 8:28pm

Congrats to our 4 adult leaders who will be receiving Ramapo Valley District Awards this year for their contributions to scouting and our troop.

Philmont New Mexico 2024 is a go!

Posted on Jun 1 2023 - 8:26pm

Our 2024 Philmont scout ranch Trek s a go!   We have 11 scouts and adults now signed up.  Our deposit is paid for our 9 day trek 29 June to 8 July 2024.  We will look to begin brief monthly planning meetings during our Thursday Scout meetings beginning in June.  

Service Hours Opportunities

Posted on Mar 5 2023 - 6:06am
Camp Jefferson Lodge Meeting Set up - Second Sunday each Month
A local organization called “Outdoor Singles,” that meets at Camp Jefferson on the second Sunday of each month needs help.  They have been meeting here for over 20 years which means they have aged a bit along the way.  They were looking to see if there are any groups/organizations that may need community service hours and that may be able to help them set up tables and chairs for their meetings.  While this was a young group when it started over 30 years ago, they are now a senior group and are seeking help.  The tables and chairs at Camp Jefferson (particularly the tables) are extremely heavy for them to lift.  We would do it on Friday before we leave, however, most times there are other activities going on so we have to prepare for what comes in on Friday nights or Saturdays first.  If any of the older kids in the scout groups would be interested in helping out, please contact Pat Bilancia at (973) 584-2209.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  

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